Corporate Executive and Business Headshots

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Corporate Executive and Business Headshots by Cynthia McIntyre Photography

Cynthia McIntyre does not photograph weddings, babies, families, dogs or pregnant women.  She specializes ONE THING – creating great  corporate executive and business headshots.  For more than ten years, Cynthia has studied the fine art of Headshotology®.

Headshotology®- for Corporate Executive and Business Headshots

Headshotology® is the science, art, and technology of creating fantastic headshots. Cynthia McIntyre is the Headshotologist®.

She employs a proprietary lighting techniques. posing as well as her own retouching “magic”  to make certain that every one of her clients look their absolute best in the final head shot they select from the dozens she creates during a session. Corporate executives as well as business men and women are appreciative of the manner that she gets to know their best expressions and photographic angles.  Of course, many also enjoy her skills at retouching their selected headshots!   As a retoucher, she will ensure that you appear natural and true to yourself.  Of course, if you prefer, Cynthia can make you look a little thinner or younger using her special Photoshop techniques!

The Headshotologist®, Cynthia McIntyre Photography always strives to provide the best corporate executive and business headshots.  For convenience, she has 11 portrait studios located near many large corporate offices in Tampa, Sarasota and St. Petersburg.  She can also go on-location to your office to create studio quality headshots.

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Cynthia McIntyre Photography is the registered trademark owner of the terms Headshotology® and Headshotologist®. These terms may not be used without her approval and written permission.